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The Exercise Coach

The Exercise Coach is a unique fitness experience that uses a blend of scientific research and advanced workout technology to maximize results without the need for long training sessions or high-intensity cardio. Its machines are set to each client’s exact ability level, ensuring that clients aren’t overexerting themselves or injuring themselves.

In order to maximize muscle-building and fat-burning, the Exercise Coach uses Exerbotics strength technology that combines both concentric and eccentric resistance. This ensures that each client is exercising all of the muscles in their body during a given workout, resulting in the most effective strength-building and conditioning possible.

To do this, the Exercise Coach uses a unique testing process to analyze each client’s baseline muscle condition and then utilizes their Exerbotics Intelligence Platform to generate ideal personal strength recommendations for their clients. Combined with real-time feedback, these intelligent recommendations empower clients to apply effective effort.

A customized, guided strength training session at The Exercise Coach starts with a consultation and assessment with the personal trainer. This enables the trainer to identify the goals of their clients, their lifestyle and motivations. This data is used to create personalized programs that will ultimately lead them to their health and fitness goals.

The exercises are performed in 20-minute intervals and the clients’ progress is tracked through a computer screen. This way, clients can stay within a specific intensity range and don’t exceed the recommended time limit for their sessions.

This workout is primarily strength-based and focuses on the core muscles in the human body, including the chest, back and shoulders. It also aims to build lean muscles, which help keep the heart healthy and prevent sarcopenia.

There are five strength training machines in the main part of the gym, with three high-intensity cardio machines on the other side of the room. All machines are equipped with a screen monitor that tracks each client’s workout, helping them see their progress.

After each workout, The Exercise Coach’s trainers will give their clients a performance review. This gives them the information they need to know how well their training is going, allowing them to tweak their workouts as needed.

In addition, The Exercise Coach also offers a monthly program called Reps for Life that includes a Nutrition Playbook and other tools to help clients achieve their goals. This service is designed to encourage people who are reluctant exercise consumers to get off the couch and start their journey to fitness success.

The Exercise Coach is a new kind of gym that combines science, technology and coaching to provide a more personal and efficient experience for the busy and reluctant exercise consumer. Its machines are customized to each clients specific needs and offer an alternative to the traditional, crowded gym experience.

While many traditional gyms focus on strength and endurance, The Exercise Coach specializes in short, intense, targeted workouts that are focused on building muscle. These workouts are scalable and can be completed in as little as two 20-minute sessions per week.

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