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I always enjoyed sports as a young person but as I got into my 20s life seemed to take priority away from it. I struggled to find the self motivation to work out and lacked the knowledge to be effective when I did. Then as I turned 30 the 10 extra pounds I had been carrying around turned into 40. I was introduced to Jane first as a personal trainer and initially chose to work with her solely based on our schedules jiving. I soon found that I was getting more than I had ever bargained for in the best way possible. Jane has whipped me into the best shape I have ever been in and I have fun doing it. To date I have lost 18 lbs. but more important I feel stronger and more motivated then I ever have. I have gained confidence in abilities I didn't even know I had (but apparently she did!). I only wish we had met sooner.

Best Regards,

- Sarah P

I won't get any better.

Being overweight with a very poor body image of myself for what I can remember as my whole life, I have sunk countless dollars into the weight loss industry; I have tried every fad out there and have been in constant search of the answer.

I believe I have found her and I won't get any better.

Jane has lit a fire within me, she has taken me from a sad, disappointed shadow of who I am meant to be and has truly made me believe that I CAN do this. Jane`s challenging, outgoing, fun and intense approach to instruction is valued beyond words. She knows how to motivate, she knows how to encourage and she knows how to work her clients to get maximum benefit and results.

Jane is one of the best; her passion is fitness and sharing it with the world. She works hard, she insists her clients work hard and she never stops encouraging and believing, she believes in what she does and what she can share.

Jane is changing my body and healing my heart and I know I won`t get any better.

- Christine

Jane has the innate ability to push you beyond anything you thought you were capable of, and yet, you feel inspired not forced to challenge yourself working out with her. She is the ultimate trainer.

- Julia R.
Jane Tallick is the whole package when it comes to fitness training. She knows all aspects required to give the client the overall workout experience, including nutrition knowledge, personal training and motivation, all while working up a sweat beside you! A great attitude and fun classes make BodyRock a fantastic part of my workout week!

- Suzanne M
I chose Bodyrock because Jane knows how to push your limits while motivating you. Her creative sessions keeps things interesting so you don't get bored of doing the same thing. Her bubbly personality and sense of humor makes her sessions fun. I love Jane and Bodyrock. I would recommend this gym for anyone.

- Justina D.

Jane has helped me get results I never thought I could! I have been training with her for 6 months and I can now do 25 push-ups from my toes, I am pretty proud of that fact since when I started I could not do 1. She has tapped into my competitive spirit and uses it to push me to continually improve. I recommend her to all my friends and bring them along to training sessions with me so they can get a glimpse of how great it is to train with Jane. Her works outs are unique and change every time so there isn't the ability to get bored. When she demos the moves she makes it look easy then when I try it is really hard and targets just the areas I need to work on. I am excited to holiday at the beach and wear a bikini to show off my improved bod! Thanks Jane.

- KT

"Jane is an inspiration to work with and someone you can genuinely take direction from. She is always smiling, in a positive mind frame and understands that fitness goals are as unique as our very own personalities. When I approached Jane about a stretching program, she said 'Yes we can do something for you' right away! I look forward to reaching new levels of life health with an instructor and trainer who can relate with rebuilding from the start."

- Heike
After fighting with back pain and shoulder spasms for years, my wife introduced me to Jane. After a couple classes, Jane quickly assessed my skill level and developed a plan to strengthen my core. Going to the gym was never really my thing; however, her passion for fitness was contagious, which ultimately helped me realize my true potential. Within 3 months, the back pain and spasms were finally gone. Jane isn't your everyday trainer. You will develop a bond with her that will inspire you… even on those days you don't want to be at the gym!

Ryan M
I first met Jane in a public fitness class that she was running. Right away I was impressed with her work ethic and dedication, as she had just been in a motor vehicle accident a few hours prior, yet still showed up for class. While her flexibility and mobility were understandably limited, she was still able to effectively demonstrate the routines to the class.

Public classes are great, however I felt that I could reach my goals quicker and more effectively with some 1 on 1 training. That was about 4 months ago.
Jane has the eye of the tiger. She is dedicated to her profession and has made her vision of owning her own gym a reality, which inspires me in my own life! I love working out with Jane. She stays focused on me, correcting form as necessary, and gives me the courage to attempt things that are more than I think I can do. I'm happy to call her a friend and colleague!! I wouldn't hesitate for a second to recommend her to anyone who wants to make positive changes in her life!

- Patrick D
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