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Jane Tallick
Jane a.k.a. DJANE, No Pain - No Jane, GI Jane is owner, instructor and trainer of BodyRock Fitness. Her goal is to push you to your own personal limits, set goals, pass them and then set some more. Her classes will leave you wondering why you came and wondering even more why you can't stop coming back!! With a personal training background and a dabbling in the DJ world, the focus on form, intensity and FUN are always present!
Certifications: Can-fit Pro PTS/FIS, AFN Cert III/IV, Advanced Indoor Cycling Instructor(AUS), TRX/RIP Sports Medicine Level 2 Certified, Advanced Fitness Kickboxing Specialist, Agatsu, Kettlebell, CrossCore Master Instructor, Booty Barre, Anti-Gravity Fundamentals Level 1 and 2, Concept 2 Indoor Rowing

Ruth Everett
Ruth can look sweet but do not be fooled, she can deliver a ruthless workout on the bike or on the straps (TRX/CC). She was even named as one of the first Instructor of the Month on the national TRX website. That said, she believes fitness is for everyone and loves managing and instructing at BodyRock; a community studio where all members are supported as well as inspired to do more than they think they can do. In Ruth's classes, you can expect great tunes, clear instruction, fantastic cues for technique and safety, motivating words and of course, lots of sweat! Don't worry she will supply a post class cool lemongrass towel and on occasion a nutritious muffin. A competitive runner, soccer player and triathlete, Ruth has always loved sport and sharing her passion for fitness with others. Outside of the studio, Ruth is driving her 3 active sons to skiing, hockey and breakdancing or spending time with dogs at the animal rescue.
Certifications: CanFit Group Exercise Instructor, Schwinn Indoor Cycling, Kettlebell, TRX Team, Resistance Tubing, Turbo Kickbox and Concept 2 Indoor Rowing.

Carrie Schmidt
Carrie doesn't just wake up in the morning, she turns on like an energizer bunny. It was therefore a natural progression to share her early morning energy and passion as a group exercise instructor. Carrie began her group exercise 'career' with a focus on indoor cycling to mirror her love for intense mountain bike rides. The more time she spent with Jane and the rest of the BodyRockers, Carrie realized that there are so many classes that can give the same focus, intensity and sweat! Carrie believes that focus, clarity, and mind-body connection are the perfect partners to the hi-energy workouts that BodyRock provides. Carrie's Rowing class offers a shot of energy from rowing with a little addiction to kettlebells to keep you coming back for more. Admittedly equal parts introvert and goofball (which can be more of a benefit than she thinks) Carrie loves snowboarding and mountain biking, spending time with her family, learning something new, and is always ready to burst out in contagious giggles (no joke, we've seen it happen!). She is thrilled to be part of the BodyRock team - and we are too!
Certifications: AFCLA, Keiser Indoor Cycling, Agatsu Kettlebell, Concept 2 Indoor Rowing.

Nichole Watson
"Go Getter" Nichole discovered spin a year ago, was hooked and now wants to make it your addiction. Come to Nichole's Ride class and she will share her passion and energy for spinning and life. On that bike she knows it's tough, but when that one song comes on, watch out because she will hit the beat hard. Keep an eye out for her jokes, they are oozing cheese but they are sure to put you in a good mood. She'll make you sweat and laugh at the same time. Her journey began with wanting to lose a few pounds through a healthy lifestyle and once she made that commitment to herself, she never looked back. Her fun loving soul is up to try anything once, especially if it scares her; a good challenge always brings on an amazing change. She believes it is important to nourish your whole person; mind, body, and soul. She's fun loving and modest with an edge. She has been training under Jane's wing for a while now and is excited to finally fly on her own two wheels. In addition to Ride, Nichole will be instructing Rowing where you will be treated to a whole lot of passion and energy as well as some kick ass motivation that will keep you coming back.
Certifications: CanFitPro Fitness Instructor Specialist, Schwinn Indoor Cycling and Concept2 Indoor Rowing

Renee Tratechaud
"No Excuses" Renee is both a Cycle/CrossCore Instructor and a Personal Trainer. She invites you to step outside your comfort zone. Renee's life-long passion for both fitness and instructing began with her love of volleyball. She played on the Mount Royal Volleyball Team and captured the Provincial Gold medal. Renee has taught a variety of clientele including; beginners, pregnant women, midget hockey teams, school groups, and triathletes and she believes fitness is for all age and levels. Renee believes that she can help others achieve their personal goals and experience the benefits of exercise. Through working with different trainers over the years, Renee has gained knowledge in a variety of training methods and learned how to tailor fitness programs to fit the individual and achieve the results he/she desires. It is a good thing that Renee is so fit and fierce as outside the studio, she is busy keeping up with her two young sons. Book an appointment for one-on-one training or try one of her inspiring classes and you will find a new and improved version of yourself.
Certifications: CanFit Personal Training, RPM, BodyCombat, CrossCore, Concept 2 Indoor Rowing

Dulcie Timmons
Dulcie a.k.a. Dulcie Sunshine is simply a ray of sunshine. Take her Cycle, TRX or Core classes, you will walk away feeling stronger. Her fun, fast paced classes will make you never regret a workout and make you want to bring it even harder next class. Her energy in cycling classes is infectious. She will push you to dig past your comfort zone and find that powerful inner strength while you persevere through climbs, races and attacks. If you want abs of steel and who doesn't, then join her Core or TRX/CC class. She is part sweetness and part Terminator. Outside the studio Dulcie spends her time preparing for her next half marathon or triathlon. Although she has ton of energy and is dedicated to her training, she always finds time for family and friends. Wine dates with the girls are absolutely essential as well as trips home to her parents' acreage. Time with family and the dogs is where she finds her joy when life gets a bit chaotic.
Certifications: NCCP, Indoor Cycle (CORE & SCHWINN), CrossCore, CanFit Pro (PTS)

Kristie Schneider
Kristie, our certified Booty Barre goddess, has taught group fitness to sold out classes in Calgary for the past four years. She has extensive experience with both music selection and choreography. An avid cyclist, triathlete, runner and yogi, Kristie found her passion teaching classes that benefit both the mind and the body. Kristie originally came to Booty Barre to rehab a running injury and in the process, she fell in love with what is probably the most civilized butt-kicking a girl can find! You will leave her classes feeling stronger, leaner and maybe, a little bit happier.
Certifications: CANFIT, Indoor Cycling, Booty Barre

Elina Viola
Elegant Elina adds a dancer's appeal to her workouts on the barre. With over 15 years in figure skating both as a Figure Skating Coach and international Pairs Figure Skater, Elina brings both athleticism and artistry to her Barre classes. She has also taught: dryland fitness conditioning classes, Aerobics and Dance including Ballet, Theatrical and Jazz. There are 2 things you may not know about Elina. One, she entered a National Body Building contest and surprised herself by winning 2nd in Canada for her event. Two, she is a talented seamstress and often will sport her beautiful handmade workout wear in class. Come experience her fun yet hard working Barre classes @ BodyRock to keeping your body lean and toned.
Certifications: Barre, Pilates, Mat, Reformer and Zumba.

Zaldy Villamarin
Zaldy, known to his friends as Zee has been training at Champions Creed Martial Arts in Calgary Alberta for over 2 years now. When he started he weighed 255 lbs and after making some major lifestyle changes he now weighs 165 lbs, losing 95 lbs. Zee attributes much of his success to the Thai Pad work out at CCMA run by instructor/ UFC fighter Nick Ring.

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