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BodyRock offers 2 types of Barre classes: First, The Booty Barre® Method is a revolutionary program that fuses fitness techniques from Pilates, Dance and Yoga with fluid athletic intervals. Created by celebrity trainer Tracey Mallett, The Booty Barre® is the perfect combination of strength and flexibility with an added cardiovascular endurance element utilizing the barre. The method focuses on proper anatomical biomechanics with techniques for a safe and fun class that can be modified for any fitness level. Second, BodyRock offers a traditional Barre class that will release your inner ballerina. It is a low-impact, total body program that uses small, isolated movements to build strength, flexibility, and long, lean muscles

The concept behind a BOSU workout is to introduce instability to an exercise so that you engage both small and large muscle groups at the same time for a more thorough and complete workout. The BOSU class is all about using both sides of your body, so your glutes, hips, thighs, upper body and core will be activated and muscles you never felt before will kick in. The BOSU is an inflated rubber dome on a flat, round platform. BOSU actually stands for "Both Sides Up," meaning that the dome itself can be placed on the ground with either the flat or rounded side up. Because the surface is unstable and constantly changing, it forces you to maintain your center of gravity thus making the exercises more difficult. Take the challenge to increase your functional strength, stamina and balance of your entire body - particularly your core!

This full body martial arts workout which includes pad work guarantees to leave you feeling energized and de-stressed in high intensity Cardio Kickboxing style. This class is encouraged for all fitness levels.

Kettlebell HIIT
Make no mistake about it kettlebell training is not another passing fad. Kettlebells look like cannonballs with handles and they will increase muscle mass and burn calories. The benefits of kettlebell training are undeniable which is precisely why many of the top strength coaches in the world have incorporated kettlebells into their athletes training regime. Go ballastic with kettlebells!

Special Classes
Don't see a class to suit your needs? BodyRock Fitness can work with you to design a class or program for your team or social group.

Ride/Music Video Ride
Ride is an indoor cycling workout where you ride to powerful music and take on a variety of terrain with your inspiring team coach who will lead you through hills, flats, mountain peaks, time trials, and interval training. We have top quality AC Schwinn Performance Plus bikes ( outfitted with spd cleats and soon to feature Look Keo pedals and a M Power Echelon Console that tracks cadence, heart rate and calories. Join our motivating instructors for our unique Music Video Ride classes where you can ride to all of your favorite music and get into your own zone watching the videos that go along with it. Our cycle classes are the first in Calgary to feature headphone technology which will wirelessly stream directly to your bike. Bring your own favorite pair of headphones or use ours - plug into the bike and you have full control over your volume!

High intensity classes with a mix of Rowing and either strength exercises to get your heart rate up and improve your overall conditioning. Set to music and taught by a certified Indoor Rowing Concept 2 instructor, this class offers a full body workout like no other! Rowing works a variety of different muscles and joints in your body than other traditional exercises. If you want to see improvements in both your cardio fitness levels and your overall strength, Rowing classes can give you the desired results. You are given a journal to record your efforts shown on the rowing machine's performance monitor so you can track your stroke rate, distance and progress.

Strength HIIT
A mix of rowing and high intensity cardio drills using a variety of equipment from BOSU to kettlebells to bodyweight. Be prepared to burn calories!

TRX /Crosscore
TRX stands for Total Resistance Exercises and is an amazing total body workout using 2 straps and an anchor point. Utilizing your own body weight with the suspension trainer, you will improve your cardio, strength, balance and flexibility. CrossCore is a similar suspension system with the added benefit of a pulley system to offer rotational movements. We have certified, experienced instructors who will show you how these effective training tools keep both the military and elite athletes in peak condition. Ready to "use your body as your machine?"

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